Synthesis of Best-Seller Drugs review

Synthesis of Best-Seller Drugs review

Author(s): Hruby, Victor; Vardanyan, ?uben

Publisher: Academic Press, Year: 2016

I have read the book Synthesis of Best-Seller Drugs and this is my honest review.

this book describe 40 key therapeutic areas and novel structural features

I had a brief glance at Chapter 5. Segment 3.1 Non-Steroidal Anti-incendiary medications. I thought that it was useful, clear, with valuable references.

I absolutely prescribe to a companion to purchase this book


Describes methods of synthesis, bioactivity and related drugs in key therapeutic areas
Reviews the main drugs in each of nearly 40 key therapeutic areas, also examining their classification, novel structural features, models of action, and more
Presents a practical layout designed for use as a quick reference tool by those working in drug design, development and implementation

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