KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic review

KT Tape Original Cotton Elastic review

the KT Tape for starters that it’s nice pre-cut strips fitting most body parts because it is constant it’s also very flexible and soft make a really great and easy to use put on the skin as well as take off if you’re new to experimenting with KT Tape or therapeutic tapes this could be a good option because it provides some light support but it isn’t very rigid where you might feel too much support and restriction so now we’re to go through.

the drawbacks of the KT Tape the cotton version first one is that it’s less water-resistant than the synthetic so when you look at if you’re competing in

wet environments whether you’re swimming or whether you’re having outdoor events it’s probably not going to stick as well as your synthetic

next, it’s just less adhesive to the skin especially when you have sweat or hair so if you’re a hairier athlete you may find issues with that and then also with that being said it’s less adhesive in

general and it stays on less time than if you were using the synthetic in this cotton version lastly if you’re someone who is looking for that label port the cotton is here but if you are looking for something with more support or say an injury-prone joint or muscle because this is less rigid this might not be the best option for you you might want to opt to look at another synthetic version.


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